Why Design is Important for Your Company’s Pesticide Warning Signs

Posting signs, also called pesticide application signs, lawn signs or turf signs, are a great advertising tool for your business beside being legally required in many states. You can attract a wide range of new customers, using a satisfied customer as a referral. But the design and look of the sign is important and should NOT be overlooked. Certain colors and designs can attract, or repel, new customers. Here are some of the things that the Posting Signs team will incorporate when designing your posting signs.

  1. Designing Signs that Stand Out

At Posting Signs, we take into consideration the colors that your competitors are using. If your competitors in the area use blue for their signs and advertisements, it’s going to be difficult to stand out if you also use blue. But if you use orange or red, people will remember your company because your sign was so unusual and different from what they’re used to seeing. We therefore use this “surprise factor” to your advantage.

We also make sure that there is consistency – using blue for some signs and red for others will only serve to lessen the impact on the memory about your company. We want them to be able to remember your company’s name whenever they see a particular shade of color and/or color scheme.

  1. We Make the Most of Your Logo

We incorporate your company’s logo in all designs and marketing, including posting signs. This make you recognizable and allows you to stand out from the rest in your industry. This is especially important if your company has a common or generic name. Our highly skilled graphic artist team will use your color scheme to enhance and complement the logo. We make sure that your logo is visible to passersby and doesn’t clash with other colors in the sign.

  1. We Understand that Color Perception is Highly Subjective

If you do your research, you will find plenty of sources of so-called “psychology of color”. They are not necessarily wrong but fail to consider the fact that color is very subjective. Blue might be calming to some people but mean something completely different to someone else. Green might remind one person of money or nature but have negative connotations for another.

Does this mean it’s hopeless and you shouldn’t even worry about color? Not necessarily. Color is still important. It just doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. We focus on colors that are appropriate for your industry. We keep in mind who your ideal customers are and the colors and designs that might attract them. We aim to have your pesticide signs, lawn signs and other posting signs stand out from others and complement your logo.

Let Certified Professionals Help You with Your Posting Sign Needs

Clearly, color and design are an important part of the ultimate success that the pesticide warning sign will obtain. Don’t go it alone – let a professional help you. Posting Signs in Tampa, Florida, can help you with your posting signs. We will help you design a great sign to advertise your business. Unlike other companies that offer Pesticide Warning Signs or Turf Signs, we are NOT a middleman. While they take orders, design then send them to the cheapest printing company they can find, we ARE the printing company. We print EVERY sign in house whether digitally or on one of our 6 color Heilderburg printing presses.

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