Why It’s Important to Use the Right Font in Your Pesticide Warning Signs

Posting signs can provide a great boost for your business while also satisfying state legal requirements for pesticide application signs in many states. They allow your existing customers to refer you to all their neighbors and provide a lawn pesticide company great visibility. But there’s more to a sign than snappy colors and your company’s contact information. The font that’s use for the lettering is very important. Too fancy will drive people away simply because it’s not easily read, but too plain will not grab their attention. Here are some factors that we take in consideration when we are designing your posting signs.

  1. Posting Signs Optimizes for Legibility

Remember, if prospects can’t read the pesticide warning sign it defeats the purpose. Placed properly, the lawn posting sign won’t only be read by visiting neighbors and clients. It will also be seen by drivers passing by. These potential customers only have a few seconds to read your sign while driving pass it. Using flowery, fancy, or cursive fonts will diminish the chances of it being read in its entirety. On the other hand, a standard, plain font on a white background is never going to be memorable. It’ll blend in with all the other signs they see during their day.

Some of the best fonts to use on signs that are easy to read include Garamond, Franchise, Nevis, and Miller.

  1. Posting Signs Considers Distances

Not everyone who sees posting signs will be standing right in front of it. They may be driving pass it or viewing it from across the street. A small or cursive font will be difficult to read from a distance. In general, every inch of letter height gives 10 feet of viewing distance. Therefore, when designing your signs with Posting Signs, we have to take in account the environment and the proximity of the posting signs to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Letters that are 10 inches in height can generally be read from 100 feet away.

  1. Use of Contrast

Contrast is very important in sign design. This usually applies to the colors being used, but it could apply to fonts as well. If there is a background with shapes or symbols in it, we don’t use a font that might clash or blend in. Also, we make sure that the color of the lettering is not too like the background color. Especially for people who have less than 20/20 vision and may not always be wearing their contacts or glasses, having text that really pops out is vital to maximizing the fantastic marketing opportunity that a properly design and placed Turf Sign can be!

Let a Professional Help You Design the Perfect Lawn Pesticide Application Sign for Your Lawn and Pest Control Company

The right turf sign can make or break your success. Get experts help with Posting Signs in Tampa, Florida, is just the highly professional, qualified posting sign company to help you get your signs out there. Our team of graphic designers will work with you to achieve the professional, eye-catching look you need to get your lawn posting signs noticed. This will allow people who see your signs to remember the information written on them more clearly.

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