Requirements for Pesticide Warning Signs

Pesticide Warning Notification SignsPesticide warning signs indicate the presence of any product being used to kill or control pests. They are required by many state laws, including that of Florida. If you are having your commercial landscaping or job site treated for pests, you will need to make sure your exterminator is posting the proper signage. This article will tell you everything you need to know about pesticide warning signs.

What Does Florida State Law Require for Pesticide Application and Posting Signs?

Florida state law requires the posting of signs on any landscape around a building where pesticides have been applied. The EPA requires signs to be posted on job sites or business locations to warn workers of the presence of the chemicals, and on commercial landscaping to warn agricultural workers.

Who is Required to Post These Pesticide Application Warning Signs?

Homeowners are not required to post signs on their lawns if they are only applying pesticides to their own residence. If the pesticide is being used on an area that borders a commercial space, the exterminator will need to post signs in that area.

Golf courses, parks, athletic fields, and cemeteries also do not need to post warnings. These areas are already regulated by the Florida Pesticide Law in terms of products that may be applied.

However, the following individuals do need to post warnings in any area that they apply pesticides to:

  • Commercial pest control contractors and operators in the Lawn and Ornamental category. Contractors in the General Household Pest Control category are also required to post notices when they are treating commercial landscaping for a household pest.
  • Contractors with limited certification in the Lawn and Ornamental, Structural, and Commercial Lawn Maintenance categories.

When Should a Pesticide Warning Sign Be Posted?

All pesticide warning signs must be posted at the time the pesticide is applied, not immediately after.

Where Should Pesticide Application Warnings Be Displayed?

Warning signs must be in a conspicuous location, where they will be easily seen and not overlooked.

What Should a Pesticide Warning Sign Look Like?

All warning signs should measure at least four inches wide and five inches tall. They could be larger, of course, and contain additional information.

The signs should be made of rigid material that is weatherproof and durable enough to last the duration of the chemical application.

The background and lettering must be of contrasting colors – for instance, white background with black lettering or black background with white lettering. The lettering must be large enough for anyone to read it.

What Should a Pesticide Warning Sign Include?

The sign must identify the name of the licensed or certified contractor or entity that is applying the pesticide. They must be identified by their legal business name.

The sign should contain symbols that identify the properties or effects of the pesticide. Some common symbols include:

  • Poisonous
  • Flammable
  • Explosive
  • Corrosive

The sign should also indicate the toxicity of the product.

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